Professional Services Overview

Extra Care For Patient Comfort And Safety

If you experience anxiety when you need dental treatment...

If your dentist has recommended a dental procedure that makes you really nervous, or if you have a dental phobia, now there's help for you in the comfort and safety of your own dentist's rooms. You don't need to experience the stress of a full anaesthetic in a hospital. All you need to do is to ask your dentist to contact us at Dental Sedation Victoria. We can then arrange to meet with your dentist and discuss how we can work in his or her practice to provide gentle, safe "twilight sedation" to relieve your anxiety.

If you're a Dentist...

Dental Sedation Victoria works in your rooms to administer safe intravenous sedation that provides comfort and reassurance to patients who experience anxiety or dental phobia. Here's how we work :

  • Careful patient selection. As a guideline, we work principally with patients aged from 12-70 years, who are in good health (ASA1).
  • Thorough patient preparation and post-operative care.
  • Meticulous patient monitoring. Patients' vital functions are monitored via Clinical Observations, Blood Pressure, Pulse Oximetry, ECG and End Tidal CO2.
  • Titration of sedative drugs. Small tailored doses of sedative drugs are administered throughout the procedure to maintain exactly the right effect for the patient.
  • Intravenous analgesia prior to uncomfortable stimuli.
  • Intravenous dexamethasone if indicated. We ensure postoperative comfort for every patient.
  • Oxygenation of the patient.
  • Dental Sedation Victoria always have emergency equipment and reversal drugs on hand.

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Side Effects

It is rare for patients to experience side effects as a result of intravenous sedation. The few who do may report slight nausea, drowsiness, swelling or bruising at the site of the injection. In very rare cases there is a possible reaction to sedation drugs. Your Dental Sedation Victoria professional ensures that all necessary emergency equipment and reversal drugs are on hand to manage any situation.

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Delivering Our Services

Preparation. Our patient care begins with a consultation well prior to the sedation procedure appointment. We conduct a thorough medical, airway and venous access assessment, to ensure that your patient is suitable for sedation. Most patients are in good health and aged between 12 and 70 years.

Patient Information Folder. Patients are provided with an Information Folder that includes all necessary pre and post-operative instructions and Dental Sedation Victoria's contact details.

On the Day. We arrive early to prepare our equipment and conduct a pre-operative patient check, patient monitoring, cannulation and sedation. These procedures can take place while you are treating another patient, or during your lunch break.

Post-operative Care. Our post-operative care continues until we are certain that the patient is ready for discharge. We ensure that the patient, as well as their family member or responsible adult carer has read our Information Folder and understands the requirements for travel home and home care.

When You Have More than One Sedation Patient. Where we are caring for successive patients, you will usually require a 60 minute change over period, during which you may want to perform a non-sedation case in another surgery.

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The Equipment We Provide

We bring all the professional intravenous sedation equipment required to care for each patient's safety and comfort - and that includes oxygen, monitors and emergency equipment.

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What You Provide

All you need to provide is a large towel or blanket to keep your patient warm during sedation, and 10cm x 10cm gauze. This is your chance to be creative and choose beautiful, aromatic towels or blankets that provide a pleasant, memorable impression of your practice and the treatment.

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